Please read below the steps we are taking to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your stay with us.

Building Standards

As an office and building policy, all employees as well as guests must wear protective facial masks and practice prescribed social distancing guidelines at all times in common areas of the building.

All service personnel will be reviewed each morning by their supervisor to determine if they have knowingly been in contact with anyone infected with Covid-19, and their temperatures will be checked with a touchless thermometer.

Common area surfaces in the building including elevators, lobby surfaces, handrails and doors will be cleaned and disinfected with Lysol or bleach- based disinfectants several times each day. Nano septic elevator touch pads will be installed in all elevators.

Hand sanitizer stations will be located at the elevator bank on every floor. In addition, there will be a sanitation center in the lobby which will allow for guests to procure a mask and gloves if needed, as well as hand sanitizer.

Virtual Check-Ins

The arrival process will be almost entirely virtual. Most required forms will be transacted through email. The guest will only need to provide photo ID for security and confirm receipt of keys upon arrival. Again, all staff will be adhering to guidelines outlined above.

Apartment and Housekeeping Standards

Apartments will be vacant for a minimum of two days prior to any guest arrival, and will be thoroughly cleaned with aforementioned disinfectants / cleaners. Housekeepers as well as any maintenance personnel entering apartments are required to wear sanitary masks and gloves at all times.

Upon move-in to their apartment, guests will receive a package of sanitary wipes, face mask, and hand sanitizer if applicable.

Starter packages, if applicable, will now be assembled on-site by our designated staff member with all sanitation precautions in place. We will include only items with cellulose/non- porous packaging that can be cleaned safely prior to assembling and placing.

If applicable, guests will receive an e-mailed schedule of their housekeeping dates prior to move- in. Our new policy is to only clean apartments when the residents are not present to properly adhere to social distancing standards. 48 hours prior to each cleaning, guests will receive a reminder e-mail. Should guests wish to alter their cleaning schedule they may do so via e-mail.

Guest Support

As previously noted, PPE including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers will be available to guests in their apartments upon arrival, and in accessible stations in the lobby.

Our customer support team is available via email and telephone to answer questions.

As previously noted, all staff and housekeeping will be wearing PPE. In addition, all employees including housekeepers and maintenance will be screened each day and temperature taken with a touchless thermometer.

Through our website, guests are able to directly correspond in real time with our onsite personnel for any service or general knowledge questions. Additionally a chat bot function provides support documents for any common concerns such as an issue with television operation.

CDC Guidelines

These changes and possibly more warranted by changing conditions will be in place for the foreseeable future until such time as CDC guidelines are changed.